The John Lewis Christas Ad Campaign of 2022

The John Lewis Christmas ad has dropped! The video is titled The Beginner. A middle-aged man is determined to learn how to use a skateboard, and of course he’s having a hard time. Yet he soldiers on, risking injury and embarrassment to master the sport, or at least stay on the board. Be prepared to have your heartstrings grabbed when it starts to make sense. It all has to do with the reason why the guy is putting so much effort into skateboarding. The story is simple but effective.

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John Lewis is a British department store we Yanks only hear about around Christmas time, because they have a history of touching ads that work to benefit a different cause every year. You can find out more about this year’s public service campaign here. Watch a behind-the-scenes video here. And see John Lewis ads from previous Christmas seasons in our archives. -via Fark

Source: neatorama

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