The Key To Clean Water

Clean water is an essential part of many aspects of human life, such as in agriculture, energy production, and drinking. One of the ways to make clean water is through a desalination membrane. Through this device, the salt from salt water is filtered out, making the water safe for consumption. It might look simple at first glance, but scientists have been baffled by the complex intricacies of the process. For decades, this has been the case, until now.

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Researchers from Penn State, The University of Texas at Austin, Iowa State University, Dow Chemical Company and DuPont Water Solutions published a key finding in understanding how membranes actually filter minerals from water, online today (Dec. 31) in Science…

“Despite their use for many years, there is much we don’t know about how water filtration membranes work,” said Enrique Gomez, professor of chemical engineering and materials science and engineering at Penn State, who led the research. “We found that how you control the density distribution of the membrane itself at the nanoscale is really important for water-production performance.”

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