The Key To Photosynthesis Unlocked By Scientists

Photosynthesis is the process where plants accumulate energy from sunlight and use it to produce glucose from carbon dioxide and water. This process is the foundation of life here on our planet, as it provides the food, energy, and oxygen that sustain the plant, animal, and human life.

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Now, scientists have solved the structure of one of the key components in photosynthesis. This discovery could lead to the aforementioned process being “redesigned” to bring about higher yields and meet urgent food security needs.

The study, led by the University of Sheffield and published today in the journal Nature, reveals the structure of cytochrome b6f — the protein complex that significantly influences plant growth via photosynthesis.


Using a high-resolution structural model, the team found that the protein complex provides the electrical connection between the two light-powered chlorophyll-proteins (Photosystems I and II) found in the plant cell chloroplast that convert sunlight into chemical energy.

More details about the study over at Science Daily.

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