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ART FOR YOUR EAR, the quarantine episode. Yep, my son Charlie and my husband/producer of the podcast, Greg, are going to be my guests today… whether they like it or not! Where else do they have to be? Literally NOWHERE. Yep, we’re all sequestered away in our house together, so I figured I’d cram all three of us into the podcast pillow fort. I’m gonna quiz my boys on some art trivia, get their thoughts on one of my favorite collages from art history, and then finish things up with “The Not-So-Speedy-Speed-Round”… x TWO. You can listen right up there under the 2007 Krysa Kiss ™, or you can subscribe to the podcast right here.

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First up, I’ve gathered all of the bits of art history we discussed… including Michelangelo’s mallet-smashed nose {who knew?}:

Wow. That’s it. The podcast is over an hour, but this was a very short post! Oh well, it still does the trick. Thanks so much to Greg and Charlie for taking time out of their busy quarantine lives to do this with me; thanks to Artist/Mother Podcast for supporting the episode {and listen to my interview with them on Monday – it will be right here}; and as always, thanks to YOU for listening. Stay home, wash your hands, and make art. There will be more ART FOR YOUR EAR next weekend. ~ Danielle

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