The Lahaina Miracle House

Beginning on August 8, wildfires spread through the Hawaiian island of Maui, destroying the city of Lahaina. The fire killed at least 115 people, and 388 people are still unaccounted for. Images of the aftermath are chilling, but what’s with that one house with the red roof?  

After years of apartment living, Trip Millikin of Lahaina and his wife took the plunge and bought a house in 2021. It was built in the 1920s and needed extensive renovation. The neighbors were glad someone was going to live in the historic house and try to save it. The Millikins had five layers of asphalt shingles removed and installed a red metal roof. They also removed shrubs around the foundation and replaced them with rock as a barrier against termites. These are just some of the improvements they completed in 2022, but they proved to be the most crucial when the wildfire leveled the rest of the neighborhood.

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The Millikins were in Massachusetts when the fire raged through, and were devastated to hear of the destruction. They were shocked to hear that their home survived, and have pledged to use it as a headquarters for the rebuilding efforts. Read about the Lahaina “miracle house” at NPR. -via Nag on the Lake

Source: neatorama

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