The Lambro Line of Adorable, Rotomolded Cargo E-Bikes

Lambro cargo e-bikes, produced by Italian e-mobility company RePower, are “real design objects” with “a sturdy and functional structure with unmistakable lines,” the company says.

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Designed by industrial design consultancy Makio Hasuike & Co., the Lambro features a rotomolded body that comes in two flavors: An open-bed LambroGino version suitable for carrying passengers or cargo, and an enclosed LambroGio cargo version with a front lid that doubles as a canopy for the operator, providing some relief in rain.

“They are designed to be recyclable,” writes MH&Co, “with all the part that make up the bodywork in recyclable polyethylene.”

The LambroGio:

“Fast deliveries, material and equipment transport, goods handling and the ability to accommodate a passenger in addition to the rider. Manoeuvrable and sturdy, with a closed and capacious load compartment, LAMBROgio is the sustainable alternative to move quickly in the short and medium range.”

“The front compartment can accommodate practical pockets made of recyclable material, removable and of different sizes, in which to store documents, small objects and small packages. The rear compartment can be equipped with a platform that can be used both to improve the capacity and stability of the load and, if placed vertically, as a clothes hanger.”

The LambroGino:

“Comfortable, compact and extremely versatile, LAMBROgino becomes an “exceptional” fun means of transport to move your guests, suitcases included! And just remove the bench to increase its load capacity and also move products and work tools. All with zero emissions.”

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“An optional retractable and removable hood, made of waterproof fabric of nautical origin, protects riders, passengers and any load against atmospheric agents. For greater support and comfort on board, there are also removable shockproof protectors on the side handrail and anti-slip protections on the climb.”

On video at least, the bikes are pleasantly silly-looking and adorable. Here’s the LambroGio:

And the LambroGino:

RePower is offering these both for sale and for 36-month leasing periods, for €150 (USD $153) per month.

Source: core77

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