The Last Neanderthal Footprint?

Neanderthals roamed around the Earth up until 40,000 years ago, or so evidence points. A recent discovery of supposed Neanderthal footprints in Gibraltar suggests that they might have lived a little while longer, at around 28,000 years ago.

If they are right, the find is highly significant: Only one other Neandertal track site is known, a set of 62,000-year-old footprints from Romania. And the Gibraltar print is reportedly much younger, in which case it could have been made by one of the last Neandertals ever to walk the Earth. But other experts are not so sure about that interpretation. The discovery figures into long-standing questions about when anatomically modern Homo sapiens colonized Europe and when the archaic Neandertals went extinct.

(Image credit: Universidad de Sevilla)

Source: neatorama

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