The Last Remaining Countries Not Officially Using the Metric System

The rest of the world wonders why the United States still uses their old system of measurement which has a more complicated scale than using the metric system, employing a more standard and uniform scale of measurement. The British implemented the imperial system in America when they invaded but after America gained independence, why didn’t they change after the metric system was created. Well, part of it is because of the history between the Americans and the French, who created the metric system. Despite that though, the US seriously tried converting to the metric system but the reason why they still aren’t using it as the standard measurement is pretty simple.

Switching to metric is, in a sense, like switching to another language. If you’re not American, picture this: how would you feel if your government enacted a new rule that forced you to switch to the imperial system? Yes, the metric is simpler and uses fewer units, but rational reasons aside, you’d be furious simply because you’d have to change the frame of reference you’ve been using to all your life. The UK switched to metric in 1965, and this happened only because the industry forced it. UK companies were simply having too much a hard time trading with European countries. Even 50 years later, many Britons still refuse to move entirely to metric. Distances are still measured in miles, yards and inches, weight in pounds and stones; liquids in pints and gallons.

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