The Latest Head Bubble Alternative to Face Masks

Like art collective Plastique Fantastique (above), who are walking around wearing their iSphere instead of face masks, inventor Mark Gray has developed his own anti-COVID head bubble. Gray’s prototype, however, features improvements: Two filtered fans in the front draw in fresh air, preventing the mask from fogging, and two filtered fans in the rear serve as the exhaust.

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As this isn’t the first head bubble we’ve seen, we must point out that neither seems to address some relevant practical issues. Number one: How do you travel with this thing? What do you do when you take it off, just hold it under your arm like an oversized basketball? Obviously you can’t drive with this on, so in your car, how do you prevent it from rolling all over the place? Where does this thing “live” at home, do you hang it on a hook by the door?

Number two, I would not want to wear this in, say, Arizona in July. Even with the cooling fans on, and even if I had sunglasses on, I could see the heat building up in this thing getting uncomfortable. If anything, I think both design teams should take a cue from Spider-Man nemesis Mysterio.

Source: core77

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