The Latest Job-Stealing Robot: A Package Retrieving Shelf Climber Means You Can Fire the Forklift Guy

To maximize space, warehouses need shelves that soar far above human reach. Humans driving forklifts are needed to retrieve high packages. Forklifts require a certain amount of operating room, which limits how narrow you can make the aisles, which in turn limits the amount of shelves you can install.

A robotics company called BionicHive reckons they have the solution. They’ve designed and built the SqUID, this cute little climbing ‘bot that never shows up drunk nor posts problematic social media posts that don’t align with your company’s values.

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Here’s how it works:

And here’s the value-add:

Added bonus: With those wheels, this thing will never attend any riots in public buildings with staircases in the front.

Source: core77

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