The Latest Tool Designed to Pick Up Lots of Little Things: The Ammo-Up

Here on the farm, a large portion of my outdoor work is picking stuff up off the ground, sorting it and placing it in a vessel or vehicle. For that reason I’m fascinated by tools designed to make these tasks easier. Earlier we looked at the Multi Headed Nut Wizard, designed to harvest pecans:

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We also looked at this elaborate Pellenc set-up for shaking olives off of trees and collecting them:

And this guy, who DIY’ed a trommel that automatically separates stones from soil:

It’s not an outdoors item, but Unnecessary Design Studio created this vacuum system that sucks up and sorts Legos:

Along these lines, today I learned about this Ammo-Up tool, designed to pick up bullet casings and shotgun shells at shooting ranges:

They also sell rolling versions with larger capacities:

None of these are exactly what I need, but I think of them with envy each time I use a pitchfork.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Source: core77

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