The Legacy of the Gorbals Vampire Hunt

In 1954, schoolchildren in the Gorbals section of Glasgow, Scotland, heard that a vampire had killed two local boys. Angered and hoping to be heroes, several hundred children made their way to the Southern Necropolis, the neighborhood’s largest cemetery, because where else would a vampire hide? They climbed the cemetery walls carrying homemade weapons and making plenty of noise. Glasgow police were astonished to find who was making the ruckus. There were so many children that the event went down in history, although it wasn’t the only time that Glasgow children went hunting for monsters.

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What spurred the children into such a stunt? It couldn’t possibly be a distraction from the misery of the poverty-stricken Gorbals area. It couldn’t possibly be the long tradition of Scottish ghosts and monsters the children heard about all their lives. It must have been the comic books. Read how the Gorbals Vampire Hunt led to a Scottish ban on horror comics that is still on the books (yet rarely enforced) at Mental Floss.

(Image credit: Magnus Hagdorn)

Source: neatorama

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