The “Lennon Walls” Of Hong Kong

After months of anti-government protests, Hong Kong has changed much. Walls of Post-It sticky notes and other creative displays can be found in public places. Called “Lennon Walls” by locals, these spaces have emerged on buildings, walkways, underpasses, and storefronts. Messages like “Hong Kongers love freedom,” and “We demand real universal suffrage,” can be seen.

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The original Lennon Wall was in central Prague, west of the Vltava River and south of the iconic Charles Bridge. Since the 1960s, the wall had been a location for romantic poems and anti-government messages. After Beatles legend John Lennon’s murder in 1980, someone painted a portrait of Lennon and some of his song lyrics on the wall. In time, messages evoking Lennon’s common themes of peace, love and democracy covered the space. It became a location for community-generated protest art that endures – yet is ever-changing – today.

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(Image Credit: Wpcpey/ Wikimedia Commons)

Source: neatorama

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