The LG Verre Concept Table Has a Leg up on Immersive Audio

The LG Verre Concept Table Has a Leg up on Immersive Audio

Home theater audio and home decor may both share a focus on the domicile, but attempting to recreate the immersive experience of the cinema within the limitations of an average living room often requires compromising the former for the latter. The well-heeled hire audio-visual specialists to integrate speakers, televisions, projectors, and their respective components in seamless blend with decor – no rivulets of cord or systems of cables in view. The average consumer on the other hand typically settles for a single front-firing soundbar, maybe a 2-4 unit surround sound speaker setup, and a subwoofer if space and budget permits. It’s all rather frustrating if you want great sound without the clutter.

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Sponsored by LG in partnership with the Korea Design Membership Plus (KDM+) industry + academic program, young Korean designers Jiung Yun, Jisu Lee, Seonjin Baek, and Eunbyeol Yun aimed to develop a system for delivering the “best sound experience without disrupting immersion in the screen,” prioritizing an aesthetically motivated solution where speakers could be easily heard, but mostly go unseen within a living space.

Minimalist LG Verre speaker metal and glass coffee tables with black and white with audio speakers built into each leg.

Verre is a concept that proposes an intriguing solution without compromise when it comes to integrating great sound into a home. Instead of attempting to design a set of decor-friendly speakers, the team imagined four speakers built right into each of the legs of a coffee table, bringing 360-degree immersive sound within an intimate proximity.

A person adjusting the volume on an LG Verre speaker coffee table.

Close-up view of a modern LG Verre speaker coffee table's perforated speaker legs.

Close-up of a modern LG Verre cylindrical speaker leg with LED lights and touch control on top, designed as a coffee table.

Verre seamlessly integrates a wireless audio speaker system into each leg of a modern and minimalist coffee table.

Modern living room setup with a large television screen, a wooden media console, an LG Verre speaker coffee table, and a gray sofa.

A collage showcasing various modern furniture pieces, including an LG Verre speaker coffee table, and electronics with a minimalist design aesthetic.

“We wanted to get rid of the messy speakers around the TV and make them think the speakers were not in the space, so we did research on various living room forms,” says Jiung Yun. ” As a result, we found out that there was always a table between the sofa and the TV, and we designed verre with the idea that if the speaker becomes a table, it can naturally melt into the space and provide a new experience.”

Floorstanding LG Verre speaker leg opened to reveal multiple speaker drivers hidden inside each base.

Exploded view of an LG Verre table speaker illustrating its internal audio components.

Aesthetically the table’s speaker legs reference existing devices such as the Xbox console’s perforated case, Bang & Olufsen’s Beosound Emerge, and Beosound Balance, hiding a set of multi-angled drivers within a cylindrical grill that double as table legs. A top firing driver aims upward to possibly add Dolby Atmos-style immersion, with each supporting a plane of glass to complete the sound system’s home furnishing disguise.

Suspended bottom view of LG Verre cylindrical speaker hidden within each table leg

Minimalist modern LG Verre smart speaker with power button detail, integrated into a coffee table.

Questions arise how audio emitting from a position in such close proximity to those seated may affect how dialogue and sound effects are perceived, noting the incongruity of where we “see” the sound coming from (e.g. from an actor displayed on a screen) versus sound coming from right below the feet. To this point, Verre’s four speaker system seems best suited to handle ambient sound effects or supporting scores of a film or series rather than operate as a primary sound source.

Modern living room setup with a large television screen, a wooden media console, an LG Verre speaker coffee table, and a gray sofa.

Brands like LG, IKEA, and Samsung, are already offering audio speakers hidden within forms of furnishings such as lamps and wall art. The controversial ceiling lamp that doubles up as a digital projector is another example of home entertainment tech invisibly blending into a living space. It’s possible designs like the Verre table will jump from concept to commonplace as smaller living spaces required of younger generations demand smarter solutions and where double-duty doesn’t feel like a compromise, but a necessity.

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