The Life and Fiery Death of the World’s Biggest Treehouse

The world’s largest treehouse was built by Horace Burgess in Crossville, Tennessee. We’ve featured it here before. The wooden structure burned to the ground in October of 2019, but Burgess was rather chill about the loss. See, the treehouse has quite a story behind it, and it wasn’t the first time it had burned down.

“It was just evil,” says Burgess of the older treehouse he built and then razed back in the 1980s. There was “no good about it.” The house had ended up serving as Burgess’s hideaway for doing drugs, which he committed to quitting after the deaths of some friends. Trouble was, the house itself had become part of the habit. A voice came to Burgess, saying that he had to burn the house down if he was going to rebuild his life. And it wasn’t just any voice.

People typically think “you’re a little bit crazy when you say that God spoke to you,” Burgess admits, “but really he’s the one that tells us to put our pants on in the morning.” Looking back, Burgess says that burning that first treehouse down—on God’s advice—was “probably the most sane moment in my life.”

In 1993, Burgess set out building a new treehouse on the same spot, and kept building for the next dozen years, all by himself, with no blueprint or even a master plan. People came from all over the world to see it. Read the story of how the world’s largest treehouse was built and then lost at Atlas Obscura.

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