The Little Brain That Does Pretty Big Things

We haven’t completely figured out everything about the brain and how each part or region of it works. However, the field of neuroscience continues to make great strides in helping us understand how our brain works. Recently, some researchers have turned their attention to the cerebellum.

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For the longest time the cerebellum, a dense, fist-size formation located at the base of the brain, never got much respect from neuroscientists.

For about two centuries the scientific community believed the cerebellum (Latin for “little brain”), which contains approximately half of the brain’s neurons, was dedicated solely to the control of movement. In recent decades, however, the tide has started to turn, as researchers have revealed details of the structure’s role in cognition, emotional processing and social behavior.

(Image credit: Life Science Databases/Wikimedia Commons via PT)

Source: neatorama

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