The Luck of the Irish GIF Artists

It’s St. Patrick’s Day, and while we could have curated a whole selection of GIFs about binge drinking until you vomit or urinating in public, this year we’ve decided to be classy. Traditional celebrations of excess tend to tempt Americans, regardless of whether or not they’re of Irish descent, so this week GIF Six-Pack puts the Irish back in St. Patty’s with six artists who hail from the Emerald Isle. 

Paperpanther, Dave Whyte, Gareth Gallagher, Atruesense, Dan Leydon, and Stephen Maurice Graham all make GIFs of the things that interest them—all of which just so happen to be Irish as hell. From gnarled old trees to head-butting walls, pour one out for everyone who’s going to wake up in a dumpster tomorrow morning, and enjoy this sweet pitcher of GIFs instead.

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Gareth Gallagher

David Whyte

Dan Leydon


Stephen Maurice Graham

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