The Man Behind the White House Easter Bunnies

When your child asks where the Easter Bunny comes from, you can now give them an exact answer: Cincinnati.

The White House has been hosting the annual Easter Egg Roll since 1878, held on the Monday after Easter. The event returned this year for the first time since 2019. If you’ve been paying attention, you might have noticed that the same three recognizable bunnies show every year for quite some time now, and you might have assumed that those costumes belong to the White House. But you’d be wrong. These costumes have enjoyed a continuity of care that would most likely be impossible from Washington. They were designed and built by Cincinnati costume shop owner John Schenz, who had a nationwide reputation for quality costumes. He was first contacted for a White House Ester Bunny costume in 1981.

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Shenz’s first White House Easter Bunny costume was a hit, but a year later he saw that the National Parks Service did not care for the costume to his standards. So when the government called him again, he not only made new costumes, he took charge of their care from year to year. Buzzfeed uncovered the story of John Schenz and his costumes, which have become an American tradition. Read how that all came about. -via Metafilter

Source: neatorama

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