The Many Faces of Brigitte Cleroux

It happens all the time. You, an employer, hire someone based on a stellar resume, and eventually find out that they aren’t as good at their job as they were expected to be. You sever ties with them and never think about it again. It might not occur to you that the resume was completely fabricated and that employee was a criminal fraudster who’d done the same at workplaces all over. The career of Brigitte Cleroux continued for 30 years because her jobs were like jigsaw puzzle pieces that didn’t come in the same box. Cleroux worked as a teacher and a hair stylist despite having no credentials, but mostly found positions as a nurse, with forged licenses, all across Canada and in the United States. She was only occasionally caught, but was able to start all over again by leaving for a new location with a new name and new forged documents. Decades of fraud finally caught up with Cleroux in 2021, but the harm she left behind is just beginning to be noticed.  

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Cleroux was able to get away with this because so few employers cross-checked her credentials with schools or licensing agencies. And even if they did, she would just change her name and move on. Read the story of nurse imposter Brigitte Cleroux at Maclean’s. -via Damn Interesting

Source: neatorama

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