The Many Uses for Cats with Laser Beams

Paul Klusman and TJ Wingard are the cat engineers (previously at Neatorama and at Supa Fluffy). Their cats are Oscar, Ginger, and Zoey. They love the cats, but for years they’ve been trying to figure out if these cats can be useful at all. This video is a review of the latest in cat laser technology. Equipping cats with laser eye technology can be fun, but it can also be put to good use in welding, cutting, pest control, and communications. Also to fight aliens. And tohave fun, too. The second half of this video is a throwback to what we non-engineers first used lasers for: to accompany disco music.

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This video is the second of the day to feature monotone engineers with a fascinating subject. But while arches and chains left us with a cool new understanding of physics in architecture, this one just leaves us glad to have watched it. -via Laughing Squid

Source: neatorama

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