The Mayhem of Crushed Cars in Movies

You’ve seen people in movies burst through glass windows and break bottles over each other’s heads. That can be exciting, but we all know glass doesn’t break that easily, so movies use special ultra-thin glass made of sugar to create the stunts. Crushing a car comes with similar problems. Modern cars are more crumple-resistant than ever, and even when they are damaged, it’s not always as dramatic as a movie requires. So film crews have to rig everything ahead of time to get the visuals they want. The company JEM FX specializes in making vehicle destruction look exciting in movies. They’ve got all kinds of tricks ready so a chase scene or car stunt gets the desired results. Sure, they go through a lot of cars, but this planning and testing saves a lot of time and effort, and most likely a lot of cars. Oh yeah, you’ll see a lot of cars destroyed in this video.  -via Digg

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Source: neatorama

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