The MC22 – FILO Chair Was Designed To Reduce Wood Waste

The MC22 – FILO Chair Was Designed To Reduce Wood Waste

The MC 22 – FILO chair, the fourth collection designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec for Mattiazzi, has a graphic geometry of appearance that makes it look great alone or in multiples. The fabric cord becomes slightly distorted when someone sits on the chair, making it appear simultaneously comfortable and personalized for each individual. Using a solid beech wood frame, FILO was designed to reduce wood waste by finding the balancing point of a lean structure that’s also strong and unique.

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We worked almost two years around this question of what can be the delicacy of a chair structure, and do we need to reinforce it? I remember at the beginning it was a chair that needed a lot of reinforcement for the seat, but step after step we increased certain sections and modified the way it was linked,” said Ronan.

yellow chair surrounded by black chairs

While FILO may not be the most ergonomic piece of furniture, the elasticity of the yarn does give it comfort. Ronan shared his testing methodology for new designs, saying, “My way to test a chair is to have a long dinner on it – it is the only way for me to verify its ergonomie. Ideally the best way to do this test is to make sure the dinner is very boring. You can concentrate on the chair and not the conversation!” It says a lot that it’s now become the chair he uses at his desk every day.

four chair backs lined up in a row

dark-skinned hand leaning on the back of black chair

dark-skinned hand tilting yellow chair

one yellow chair and one black chair on a white platform

profile of black chair

profile of black chair

detail of black chair

detail of yellow chair

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Source: design-milk

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