The Misunderstanding of <i>The Scream</i> by Edvard Munch

Edvard Munch’s 1893 painting The Scream has become iconic, even inspiring an emoji. Everyone knows the painting, even if they don’t know who did it. It’s the image of a man screaming. Or is it?

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A new exhibit at the British Museum seems to clear up a longstanding debate. The figure in the painting is not screaming, but hearing a scream.

Really? The wide-open mouth led us to believe the figure was screaming, but the hands over the ears could be a reaction to a scream. The terrified face lends itself to both interpretations. The evidence for the person hearing a scream is from Munch’s diary, which you can read about at Quartz. -via Nag on the Lake

Source: neatorama

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