The Moog House of Electronicus Pop-Up

The Moog House of Electronicus Pop-Up

One could consider the Moog House of Electronicus pop-up as one giant strange and wonderful environmental instrument of sorts. Located inside the historic Kim Sing Theater in Los Angeles’ Chinatown, the temporary interior was created as a creative experience for musicians and the general public to play with an assortment of Moog instruments. How often does one get to interact with a Moog Mother32 synthesizer connected and controlled by the biometrics of a living cactus?

Created to give visitors hands-on sessions with a selection of Moog synthesizers – including the newly released and extremely limited Sirin, the Analog Messenger Of Joy – the short-lived Los Angeles installation is occupied by numerous interactive setups permitting anyone to walk in and immerse themselves into the analog and tactile charms of the Moog catalog.

The Moog House of Electronicus found inspiration from an event held decades ago – the Moog Island Of Electronicus – an experimental gathering that took place on the barrier island of Tierre Verde during the 1970s. Created after Moog missionary David Van Koevering dreamt of an island celebration of electronic music’s mood enhancing effects, this 2019 sequel trades the island locale for a colorful and succulent/cacti decorated interior brimming with Southern California colors and imagery.

Visitors were given an opportunity to try out Moog’s latest electronic instrument, Sirin, a bass synthesizer designed to generate pitches far above middle C, with an extended frequency range that reaches notes up to D8.

Sadly, the Moog House of Electronicus Pop-up was as ephemeral as a fading note, concluding Wednesday, January 30th. Let us hope the next iteration of the Moog House of Electronicus doesn’t require several decades time to pop up yet again.

Source: design-milk

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