The Moon Is Here Somewhere

The Moon is here in this picture. Yep. It’s fully visible. But if you can’t find it, that’s all right. The photographer couldn’t find it, either, so you’re not alone. It is only thanks to the long exposure of the camera that we can see it. Let me give you a hint: You can find the Moon in the blue sky. The question is, why is it so difficult to find?

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For one reason, this photograph was taken during a total lunar eclipse, when the Earth’s shadow made the Moon much dimmer than a normal full Moon. For another, the image, taken in Colorado, USA, was captured just before sunrise. With the Moon on the exact opposite side of the sky from the Sun, this meant that the Sun was just below the horizon, but still slightly illuminating the sky. Last, as the Moon was only about two degrees above the horizon, the large volume of air between the camera and the horizon scattered a lot of light away from the background Moon.

Have you found the Moon? If you did, then congratulations!

(Image Credit: Jimmy Westlake (Colorado Mountain College)/ NASA)

Source: neatorama

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