The Moronic Moped Marathon Will Visit Britain's Rudest Places

Paul Taylor is crossing Britain on a moped in a quest to raise funds for the Institute of Cancer Research in honor of his friend Alexis Leventis, who died of cancer. What is extraordinary about his tour are the places he is going. To draw attention, Taylor is stopping in as many places with rude names as he can manage.

The expedition will take place in August 2021 and starts in Shitterton in Dorset on the 18th  and winds its way through salubriously named places such as Happy Bottom Nature Reserve, Ass Hill, Crazies Hill, Pishill, The Knob, Titty-Ho, Willey, Butthole Lane, Pensitone, Netherthong, Slack Bottom Road, Bedlam, Crackpot (I think I may have lived there in a past life) , Booze (there too), Pity Me (by this point you really should), Cocksburnspath, Wallyford, Brawl (and many others) before we arrive at the charmingly titled Twatt in the Orkney Isles.

The return journey includes delights such as Dull, Cockermouth and Cow Ark before our final destination , the aptly named Bell End.

Taylor calls the stunt the Moronic Moped Marathon, and hes already raised more than twelve thousand pounds! Read more about it at BBC news. Then check in at Metafilter for a catalog of links to rude place names, in Britain and elsewhere.

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Source: neatorama

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