The Most Brazen Scam of All Time: How a Con Artist Sold a Fake Country

🌎 This is a true story about a fake country: A con artist named Gregor MacGregor (yeah, his actual name) sold the dream of moving to a new country named Poyais in South America to hundreds of would be settlers. Problem was, Poyais never existed.

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😷 We don’t talk about COVID No No No: A parody song and a catchy tune by The Holderness Family.

❤️ Think your blind date is uncomfortable? This Chinese woman met a blind date for a home-cooked dinner, and during the date, the government announced a sudden Covid lockdown. So her dinner date turned into an extended quarantine date for days on end.

🎨 Psst, got $547 million? You can buy this Italian villa with the only Caravaggio painted mural on the ceiling.

🐈 If you think sleeping with cats is tough, try sleeping with cheetahs. Dolph C. Volker did and lived to tell all about it (they’re just large kitties!)

🎬 Film writer Kevin L. Lee asked a question on Twitter: “What is the best an actor has ever looked on screen?” He got thousands of replies, and compiled the most popular answers. See if you agree with the actor/actress and movies combo.

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Featured art: Everybody Thinks I Suck by indie artist Edu Ely.

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