The Most Common Birthdays in the US

BoMcCready crunched the numbers and found out how common each day of the year is for birthdays. It appears that September is the time more people are born, which leads us to believe the cold of the winter solstice and the cheer of holiday parties may have an effect. The interactive version is here, in case you want to click on your birthday and see how far it diverges from the average. My birthday, September 27, is the 27th most common birthday on the calendar. You would think that February 29th is the least common, but it was apparently weighted for how often that date appears on the calendar. We can see that December 25 and 24, January 1, and July 4 are relatively rare …possibly because inductions and non-emergency cesarians aren’t scheduled on those days. -via Digg

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Source: neatorama

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