The Mouse Before Mickey

You know the story of how Walt Disney created Mickey Mouse in 1928 because Universal held the rights to his character Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. We told that story here not long ago. Walt was going to name the mouse Mortimer, but his wife didn’t like it, so the character became Mickey Mouse. And the rest is history.

But several years before Mickey Mouse, there was Micky Mouse. Launched by the Performo Toy Company in 1925, Micky soon became the company’s most popular toy, and was patented in 1926. Disney’s cartoon Mickey Mouse gained popularity astonishingly fast, too, and soon the character was offered in a toy version. Somewhere along the way, Performo’s Micky started wearing red shorts. You can imagine the tensions that set off. So, did Walt Disney steal Performo’s design? It’s hard to say, because there were other cartoon mice in existence before either Micky or Mickey. Read about the beloved mouse characters of the 1920s at Messy Nessy Chic.

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Source: neatorama

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