The MScreen: An Ultra-Wide Mini Monitor That Lives Under Your Main Monitor

I don’t watch much TV news, but once in a while I’ll turn Bloomberg on—and always find it incredible how much information the talking head, in this case Jonathan Ferro, is surrounded by:

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How can you possibly take that much information in, while listening to the presenter? You can’t, of course; modern media is not designed to promote focus.

Nevertheless, a tech manufacturer called Tinno Mobile Co. feels that adding more screens increases productivity, and have designed this MScreen, an ultra-wide mini monitor that you’re meant to place beneath your existing one:

“MScreen can not only help increase your productivity but also the aesthetics of desk setups,” the company writes. “Whether for work or for play, a cluttered desk setup will make for a cluttered mind. Not only will having an organized desk look more appealing, but it will also motivate you to get more done.”

I actually think that adds more clutter, not less, but this is how the company envisions you using it:

Many disagree with me. At press time the $140 MScreen had been successfully Kickstarted, with $193,149 in pledges on a $12,470 goal, with 31 days left to pledge.

Source: core77

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