The “Mug Life” Online Group Is A Place To Show Off Your Favorite Mugs, Here Are 50 Of The Best Ones

I try not to become too attached to many material items, but one thing that I have always had a soft spot for is mugs. As an avid coffee drinker, using my favorite mug is a vital part of my morning routine. It’s beautiful, the perfect size and shape and adds a bit of warmth, comfort and joy to my day. Considering how common it is to have an emotional attachment to our beloved mugs, it’s no surprise that many of us collect them as well. And if you’re curious about all of the beautiful mugs the world has to offer, we’ve got the perfect list for you.

We’ve gone through the “Mug Life” subreddit and found some of our favorite photos of beautiful and hilarious vessels for your morning drink of choice. Be sure to upvote the coffee cups you would add to your personal collection, and then let us know in the comments what your go-to mug looks like. Then if you’re interested in reading another Bored Panda piece featuring adorable mugs, look no further than right here.

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#1 One Of My Favorites. Looks Like A Classic Delftware Design Until You Look A Little Closer

Image credits: cool-bird

Clearly, there are many mug lovers out there, as the Mug Life subreddit currently has 355k members. It’s a wholesome group with a simple description: “Like coffee mugs? Like weird coffee mugs? This is the place for you. Show us your best thrift store finds, your garage sale triumphs, and your old favorites.” Users are constantly sharing the coolest mugs that they find, and artists are even posting their most impressive pieces of work as well.

Mug Life has a simple goal, yet it is such a peaceful community. We associate our mugs with one of our favorite times of the day, the ritual of having a calming cup of coffee or tea, so it’s understandable that we want to celebrate them online as well. These little canvases can be amazing pieces of artwork or tiny bits of comedy, but we love them all the same. Whether you like mugs with quotes, flowers, your favorite characters or beautiful paintings, Mug Life has got you covered.

#2 Hope Everyone Likes Frogs!

Image credits: Em_Art

#3 Hi, All. This Is A Mug With My Son’s Work On It. My Son Was Diagnosed With Autism Spectrum Disorder, And We Live In An Area With Many Construction Sites. I Think It Expresses Many Tower Cranes Of Various Colors

Image credits: sophie0302_kr

I try to exercise self control when it comes to mug shopping, but they are my favorite souvenir to bring home from a holiday, as I find that they can serve many purposes. Once I find a local artist in a new place that makes unique and beautiful mugs, I just can’t resist picking one up. And although I tend to rotate through the same few for my morning beverages, who says the value of a mug ends there? They can be beautiful knick knacks to place around your home to feature their unique art, and they can even be used to hold items like flowers, pencils or scrunchies. Never underestimate the power of a pretty mug.

And while many of us dabble in the art of mug collecting, one man has gone above and beyond. Charles Hubbell, also known as the “Cup Man”, of Culleoka Tennessee acquired an astonishing collection of over 23,000 mugs before he passed away in 2019. Not surprisingly, these beauties could not fit in his home, so he resorted to filling his garage and an entire barn with his impressive collection. 

#4 Muglife

Image credits: AnaStanaBananaa

#5 At Least It Tasted Good

Image credits: Keanu-Sneeze

#6 It Wouldn’t Be Completed Without It

Image credits: iE4tY0uR50uL

The obsession with mugs started when Charles’ wife Dorothy ran out of space for mugs in their kitchen, so Charles hung 16 nails in the garage to hang the leftovers on. After seeing this piece of wall art, the couple’s friends began offering their own mugs and the collection began to snowball. It only took five years for Charles to hang his 10,000th mug. As Peter Funt writes in his piece for the Wall Street Journal featuring Charles’ story, “Mugs, like books, are difficult to throw away.”

They gain sentimental value, and they can always serve a purpose, so why get rid of them? “Americans love mugs because they fit our bigger-is-better mindset and are integral to the kitsch market we aggressively support,” Peter explains. “Plus, who doesn’t covet a hefty mug with 18 ounces of coffee, a third of which will be consumed before the rest is cold?”

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#7 Love This Mug

Image credits: clawsonp

#8 I Was Told In Another Sub You Guys Might Like My 89¢ Find

Image credits: bigbootytyrone

#9 This Disheveled Bird Mug Perfectly Represents How I Look When I Pour My Morning Cup Of Coffee

Image credits: Aachaa

The special bond many of us form with our mugs is so prevalent that Linda Wasmer Andrews even wrote a piece dissecting it for Psychology Today. Apparently, about 60% of people admit that they are emotionally attached to their favorite mug, and 40% of people consider their go-to mug irreplaceable. Whether it was a gift from a loved one, a souvenir that reminds us of our most cherished vacation or a piece of art we worked hard on creating, we can’t help but love our mugs. “Part of the pull is the simple sense of personal ownership,” Linda explains. “Several studies of the endowment effect—the tendency for people to overvalue their own possessions—actually looked at people’s valuations of their coffee mugs. Researchers found that people ascribed greater value to a mug when they owned it.”

#10 One Of My Favourites

Image credits:

#11 My Favorite Mug At My Parents’ House. It’s So Dumb But I Love It So Much

Image credits: ghost_pies

#12 This Mini Carafe Mug Is Giving Me Life

Image credits: NotYourAverageTaco

We tend to be possessive over our mugs as well. Apparently, about 16% of people would sulk if someone else grabbed their beloved mug in the break room at work or in the morning while having breakfast. I understand, though. The relationship between a person and their cherished mug can be sacred, who am I to break that bond? But it makes sense that we hold such an emotional attachment to these small, handheld items because they are commonly given as gifts or purchased during exciting life events. “The emotions the mug evokes can be potent, even if you aren’t aware of the source,” Linda writes.

#13 After Coveting Them For Years I Finally Picked Up A New Set Of Mugs From A Recent Trip To Copenhagen

Image credits: FizzyGizmo

#14 I’ve Been Told To Post Here Many Times, So I Hope This Is Okay, But Just Wanted To Share Some Skull Mugs I Make!

Image credits: tobtal

#15 I Saw A Couple Of Other People Had This Mug On This Subreddit, So I Bought One For Myself

Image credits: FlatchULancelot

Toni Coleman, a psychotherapist and relationship coach based in Virginia, also shared how attached she is to a sturdy, brown mug she purchased years ago. “I acquired it one incredible summer I spent living at the beach when I was 22,” she explained. “When I look at or drink from my mug, it evokes feelings associated with that summer. There’s just something about it that feels good and feels safe, even if it’s on an unconscious level…It provides continuity with the past and reminds me of who I used to be.” Mugs can definitely be comforting, whether they remind us of a simple, happy time or purely for the role they play in our daily routines. 

#16 A Mug That An Elderly Woman Gave Me In My Childhood

Image credits: Mrs_Ollivander

#17 Vintage Thrift Store Mug, Featuring Butts

Image credits: -cervix-

#18 Cheese Mug With A Little Surprise

Image credits: Chlorophyta_

Sometimes, we even feel understood by our mugs, Linda explains. It might have a quote on it that we find hilarious, relatable or inspiring, and that will give us the energy we need to power through the day. A photo of a loved one or our beloved pets can also cheer us up during a difficult day at work. Kelly Kitley, a psychotherapist based in Chicago says, “If I feel sluggish and need extra oomph, I’ll use my Wonder Woman mug. If I need extra pep in my step at work, I’ll use my Boss Lady mug.” I find myself choosing my mug based on the beverage I’m having as well. One is preferable for tea, one is ideal for coffee, and another is best for lattes and more milky drinks.  

#19 My Duck Mug

Image credits: Japshadow

#20 Fresh Out The Kiln!

Image credits: gkelley232

#21 Starbucks Mugs From Korea!

Image credits: JaeinNoona

The cozy feeling a warm beverage gives us can also extend to how we feel about others around us. When we experience physical warmth, we feel more affectionate and open. A soothing cup of tea in the evening helps us wind down, and it may make us view everything and everyone around us through a more positive lens, including our beloved mugs. Often, they are one of the first items we look to in the morning and sometimes the last thing we use in the evening as well, if you’re a fan of chamomile or a glass of warm milk before bed, so they are just as much a part of our lives as a close friend or loved one.   

#22 I Am Still Teaching Myself This Every Day

Image credits: yankeedime

#23 My Newest Addition!

Image credits: nyicefire

#24 My Collection Of Vintage Stacking Mugs

Image credits: YoopersAreReal

Mugs are also a great item to collect because they are inexpensive, and they usually don’t take up too much space. If you hunt at thrift stores and antique shops, it’s very likely that you can find some for $2 or less. But even a new mug is often somewhere between $5 and $15 dollars. If you run out of room for them in the kitchen, you can always expand your collection into other rooms, as they can be displayed on shelves, China cabinets and on desks or nightstands. Even if you’re not a fan of coffee or tea, there’s always a great reason to have a mug on hand. Hot chocolate? Mug cake? You can even turn them into candle holders!

#25 I’m A Ceramicist And Was Told To Post Here. I Hope Handmade Mugs Are Welcome!

Image credits: cryptidcat

#26 My Favorite Mug These Days, A Hobbit Hole!

Image credits: glingal

#27 My Favorite Mug That I’ve Made. I Love To Photograph Them In What I Imagine Their Natural Habitat Would Be

Image credits: Doctor-R0CKS0

I tend to be pretty minimalistic when it comes to shopping, but this list is giving me a strong urge to go out and adopt another mug into my beloved collection. Half of the fun is the hunt too, and when I find one that’s calling out my name, I just cant resist. We hope you are enjoying this list of beautiful, quirky and hilarious mugs. Keep upvoting your favorites, and then let us know what your special mug means to you. Does it have sentimental value because it was a gift, or does it simply bring a smile to your face every morning because of the warmth and delicious beverage inside?

#28 Just Picked Up This Beauty Today!

Image credits:

#29 I Totally Would Have Bought This, But, There Was No Good Way To Drink From It

Image credits: Ok_Reality148

#30 Hello, R/Muglife. I’m So Glad I Found You. Please Enjoy This Photo Of My R2-Tea2 Mug

Image credits: CaptainWisconsin

#31 One Of My Better Mug Finds At Goodwill!

Image credits: glutenfreesxe

#32 My Favorite Mug In My Entire Collection

Image credits: Preposterouspickles

#33 *tell Them You’re A Cat Lady Without Saying You’re A Cat Lady*

Image credits: Itranslateforaliving

#34 No

Image credits: JiANTSQUiD

#35 15 Years Ago My Boss Gave Me A Chimpanzee Mug Because It Made Her Think Of Me. A Decade Later My Mom Gave Me The Same Mug For The Same Reason

Image credits: Caffeinated_Ape

#36 Christmas Gift From My Husband. He Just Gets Me

Image credits: FrigsandDangs

#37 An Apple A Day… Filled With Coffee, That Is

Image credits: jlbphd

#38 My Coffee Was A Little H’otter This Morning

Image credits: Desvelo

#39 Is It Okay To Share Mugs I’ve Made In Here? This Is My Current Favourite To Use!

Image credits: Final_Armadillo1385

#40 I Love Mugs. Vintage Milk Glass Is My Favvvvv

Image credits: Grandmas_Kitchen

#41 A Cute Fat Bat Pooping Candy Corn

Image credits: yankeedime

#42 Any Cat/Tarot Lovers Here?

Image credits: jolicloud272

#43 This Cutie! Goodwill Find

Image credits: Mzbrowneyez1228

#44 My Husband Gave Me This Great Mug For Xmas, It’s All My Favorite Things!

Image credits: Lamidip

#45 I Found This So Weird And Unique That I Had To Buy It!

Image credits: asinghingmaddy

#46 One Of My Favorites: Booty Mushrooms!

Image credits: nurse_a

#47 Goodwill Kickstarted A Starbucks Mug Collection For Me

Image credits: magicmeese

#48 Couldn’t Help But Pick This Mug Up While On Holiday

Image credits: Baccawin101

#49 Picked Up At A Church Sale For 25 Cents Each!

Image credits: mistermajik2000

#50 I Was Told To Share An Old Favorite, The Potato Mug. Thrifted Years Ago For My Toddler, He Now Bides His Time In The Recesses Of Our Cupboards

Image credits: swirlyrthing


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