The Music Video Made With 3700 Photos

The wonders of filmmaking! Photographer and filmmaker Mrinal Bahukhandi used a 35mm analog camera to snap the photos used in the music video for Better Man. The music video is composed of clips that were made of a shutter burst of 8 frames per second. This particular composition is what tricks the viewer to believe that the video is in full motion, really. The Mumbai-based artist details his experience in creating the film: 

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Tech nowadays is excellent and contemporary digital cameras can shoot up to 22 fps and there are ample plugins and filters to simulate the vintage look, but that simulation would have been no fun at all as compared to a workflow of exposing 600 feet of fresh Kentmere 400 ISO, 35mm film stock, that was hand-rolled using a bulk loader into 100 reusable film canisters. Using the Nikon F5 SLR, these cans were exposed and 8 frames per second — that translates to approximately 5 seconds of real-time footage per film roll.

This video is not only a tribute to the founders of the first motion picture cameras but also to early 20th-century cinema as well. One of the earliest practitioners of motion-picture was a French stage magician named Georges Méliès who innovated “special effects” in cinema. His stories were often inspired by the science fiction novels of Jules Verne, like in the case of his most popular film “A Trip to the Moon” (“Le Voyage dans la Lune”). The iconic moon landing shot from this film stirred the concept for the Better Man music video. 

Image credit Mrinal Bahukhandi 

Source: neatorama

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