The Muurikka Pan: A Barbecue Grill Without the Grill

You could be forgiven for thinking that the company name Muurikka is a play on “America,” but in fact this manufacturer, and the name, is Finnish. Muurikka’s stock-in-trade is outdoor cooking gear, and their signature product is a essentially a barbecue grill with no grill.

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Instead you choose a base that suits the size of fire you’d like to use, then top it with one of their hot-rolled-steel Muurikka Pans. The griddle-like pans, available in multiple sizes, are like a flat wok, which Finns find perfect for cooking everything from pancakes to sausages, vegetables to burgers.

There’s more Murrikka-based food porn on their Instagram. I don’t recommend looking at it if you’re hungry.

Source: core77

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