The Names That Are Most Often Changed in the US

People change their legal names at different times in their lives for different reasons, the most common reason being marriage. But what about first names? The Social Security Administration released a list of the names that were changed the most in the past five years. At the top of the list for names that are changed to something else are Chole and Issac. At the top of the lists for the most commonly adopted names when a name is changed are Chloe and Isaac. Coincidence? No, these have to be cases in which the name was accidentally misspelled on a birth certificate. We’d really like to know who did the misspelling and how long it took the parents to notice, but that information is not available.

See the rest of the lists of names that are most often changed, and also lists of baby names that are gaining in popularity and those that are dropping in popularity. Surprisingly, Karen is not at the top of the girls’ list of names that are dipping in popularity. I don’t know what Denise, or Denisse, has done to deserve such disgrace. The boys’ names that are falling in popularity make sense, because no one can spell Jaxtyn, Karsyn, and Xzavier. And maybe people have figured out that Willie is supposed to be a nickname for William. -via Fark

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Source: neatorama

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