The National Spelling Bee Champion Holds 3 World Records for Basketball Dribbling


Zaila Avant-garde, 14, won the Scripps National Spelling Bee. She’s a true Renaissance woman because spelling words correctly isn’t her only field of excellence. She also holds 3 Guinness World Records for basketball dribbling.

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Those records are bouncing 4 basketballs simultaneously 307 times in 30 seconds, bouncing 6 basketballs simultaneously, and bounce juggling 4 basketballs 255 times in a minute.

In addition having an astonishingly high DEX score, her INT is off the charts. The AP reports:

The time commitment required to master roots, language patterns and definitions is what keeps many top spellers from seriously pursuing sports or other activities. But Zaila, who is home-schooled, claims to have it figured out.

“For spelling, I usually try to do about 13,000 words (per day), and that usually takes about seven hours or so,” she said. “We don’t let it go way too overboard, of course. I’ve got school and basketball to do.”

Seven hours a day isn’t going overboard?

“I have my suspicions. I don’t know. I have some suspicions that maybe it’s a bit less than what some spellers do,” she said.

-via Super Punch

Source: neatorama

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