The New All Electric Atlas Dips Back Into the Uncanny Valley

We’ve grown to known and love Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robot over the years, so much that we think if him (and his dog Spot) as everyday robots that have outgrown the “wow” factor and have become part of the family. So of course, they are retiring him and now have a replacement that is all electric. Yes, our old friend Atlas has plenty of electronics, but his strength and movement relies on hydraulics. The new fully electric Atlas is smaller, has more refined movements, and can articulate its limbs at 360 degrees. The upshot is that while the new Atlas may more resemble a human shape at first glance, watching it move gives us the creeps, as if it were a sideshow contortionist or a demon-possessed little girl in a movie.  

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Boston Dynamics owes a lot to the original hydraulic Atlas, and have posted a tribute video for its retirement. The first half is a blooper reel, and the second half shows what Atlas can really do.

What does a robot do in retirement? Atlas should probably stay away from cruise ships. Maybe he could take up gardening instead. -via Born in Space

Source: neatorama

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