The New Party Plane Will Remain on the Tarmac

You’ve heard that goods are worth exactly what people are willing to pay for them. British Airways was getting rid of some of their older planes, and offered a Negus 747 for the low, low price of £1 ($1.30). After all, the pool of potential buyers was limited, because where would you park this plane? Cotswold Airport bought the airliner, as they had a place to put it. But instead of trying to refurbish and fly it, they turned it into an event space.

After 14 months of renovations, the Negus is ready to book parties, weddings, and other events- for £1000 ($1,300) an hour. That’s some return on investment! But the makeover was expensive at about £500,000 ($671,000). And that doesn’t include upgrading the restrooms, which still hasn’t been done. See, toilets for planes are designed to work at altitude, and must be completely replumbed to work on the ground. But at $1300 per hour, they might be able to bring in some porta-potties. Read more about the Negus party plane at CNN, and see more pictures at Instagram. -via Jalopnik

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Source: neatorama

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