The New Twin Peaks by Luigi Rosselli Architects

The New Twin Peaks by Luigi Rosselli Architects

The New Twin Peaks house was designed by Luigi Rosselli Architects amongst a sea of Port Jackson Fig trees that house lots of birds and bat colonies. Once a 1970s home in Sydney with a single roof ridge, the architects created a modern home with double peaks, hence the name of the project, to make way for an extension at the rear of the house.

The design boasts dramatic roof canopies, sharp edges, and large windows with vertical batten screens on the front of the house for added privacy. The anodized aluminum screens also cut down on the hot sun that pours in.

Instead of the sharp lines of typical gabled roofs, the home’s roof has a curved profile outlining the double gables.

The living room and dining room overlook the garden and swimming pool, which is flanked by pencil pines and fig trees.

Recycled brick was incorporated to give the exterior more texture and grit as a contrast to the white of the top gables.

Glass doors that are four meters high hide in the wall and open up to the backyard for when the weather is mild.

Curved corners mark the kitchen island and the ends of the cabinets, as well as the dining table.

The central staircase connects the four floors of the house while creating a nook for the Albero bookcase that was designed by Gianfranco Frattini.

Photos by © Justin Alexander and © Jane McNeill.

Source: design-milk

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