The Nike x Hyperice Vest: On-Body Climate Control

In addition to designing the Nike x Hyperice Recovery Boot, the two companies have also collaborated on this Nike x Hyperice Vest. (Hyperice is an athletic recovery technology company.)

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The futuristic-looking piece of kit essentially lets athletes control the climate–immediately around their torso:

“The Nike x Hyperice vest…uses thermoelectric coolers that deliver instant heating and cooling without the need for ice or liquid, helping athletes dial their body temperatures to their exact specifications during warm-ups and cool-downs.

“The vest contains thermal modules whose sensors autonomously monitor and maintain body temperature. Meanwhile, an air bladder and pressure sensor within the vest adjusts to the body by pressing those thermal modules inward, enhancing comfort while also maximizing the effectiveness of the heating and cooling technology.”

The two brands are testing the vest with their sponsored athletes and gathering feedback. The Vest and Recovery Boot will reportedly come to market “at a later date.”

Source: core77

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