The One-Page Flip Book

YouTuber dP Art Drawing makes hand-drawn flip books. That’s a hobby that requires a lot of paper. She wondered if it was possible to make a flip book animation with only one sheet of paper. Huh? That would require drawing a complete scene and then erasing and drawing again on the same sheet of paper. The project ended up with 211 frames drawn over 53 days. Watch that happen in this mesmerizing video.

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The benefits of doing it this way are that she didn’t have to completely redraw every frame- just the moving parts, and this method makes it easier to keep the elements in place from frame to frame. It’s still a lot of work, even with an electric eraser. The single sheet of paper was completely worn out by the end, but that seems kind of appropriate as Hulk screams with the power to break things. And now all of these drawings physically exist only in one sheet of worn-out paper. The digital version will live on for who knows how long.  -via Geeks Are Sexy

Source: neatorama

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