The Ottobock Shoulder Exoskeleton, for Overhead Work

This Ottobock Shoulder exoskeleton was designed in collaboration between Vienna-based industrial design consultancies Produktive and AWS Designteam. Worn like a backpack, the object is lightweight, comfortable, size-adjustable, offers a full range of motion and is purely mechanical, requiring no power or batteries.

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It was designed specifically for laborers doing overhead work. “The weight of the raised arms and tools is transferred to the hips, which noticeably relieves the muscles and joints in the shoulder and neck area,” Produktive writes. “Overhead work can be carried out much longer and more comfortably.”

“The physical relief provided by exoskeletons can contribute to a reduction in work-related health hazards, downtime and accidents. Exoskeletons thus open up the possibility of making an important contribution to preventively maintaining the health of the workforce.”

Even puppeteers can benefit:

Here’s what they look like in action:

The units are in production by Germany-based Ottobock Exoskeletons. Interestingly, they’re sold in pairs ($4,000 for two units) and have distribution both in Europe and the ‘States; manufacturers like BMW, Boeing and Toyota North America all use them.

Source: core77

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