The Part of the Plane You Never Get to See, Part 2: The Avionics Bay and Cargo Areas

In Part 1 of “The Part of the Plane You Never Get to See,” we showed you the hidden rest areas that airplane designers have secreted within various fuselages.

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Here in Part 2, Swedish airline pilot Bjorn (whose YouTube profile page reads “#bjorntofly”) takes us to more hidden places, these ones rather massive. Hidden beneath the cockpit of the Airbus 350 is the gigantic server farm that is the avionics bay, filled with things it looks like you shouldn’t spill coffee on. There’s also, surprisingly, a hatch that leads directly to the cargo area, another place I’ve never seen.

The cargo hold’s shape does drive home why airline cargo containers have that odd clipped-corner form.

Image by Asiir – CC BY-SA 2.5

Here’s Bjorn’s tour:

Source: core77

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