The Perfect App for <i>Star Wars</i> Fans

The one thing that sets Star Wars fans apart from any other fandom is how much they hate Star Wars. It started when George Lucas made this perfect little space opera in 1977, and then a second good movie, and after that nothing else in the entire canon has ever been able to live up to expectations. As the Star Wars universe expanded, everyone found something to hang their frustrations on. Lucas even went back and changed the good movies, which made fans hate them, too. Now that there are a dozen or so feature films followed by a full schedule of TV shows on Disney+ (not to mention books, comics, and video games, and oh yeah a theme park), there’s plenty for Star Wars fans to hate. It’s as good a time as any for Comedy Cheat Codes to give us a fictional app to give those fans a way to vent. -via Geeks Are Sexy

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Source: neatorama

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