The Perfect Getaway Car, According to a Former Jewel Thief

Larry Lawton had quite a career in jewelry heists that netted millions dollars in the 1980s and ’90s. But he was finally caught, and served ten years in prison. Now he explains the importance of the getaway car. Lawton knows a lot about getaway cars, which are crucial to his former occupation, and not at all like what you see in movies. In the movies, the car stands out so we can follow it. In real life, that’s the opposite of what you want. Lawton explains how he would select a getaway car and made it as untraceable as possible. No high-speed chase necessary, if everything goes as planned.

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Those tips didn’t help a bit when Lawton was arrested in 1996, when nothing went as planned. He ended up driving as fast as he could in a rental car with blood on the seats and a bullet hole in the window. It’s an exciting story that you can read at The Drive.  -via Damn Interesting 

Source: neatorama

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