The Perfect Mother's Day Gift: Carbon Fiber Bugatti Pool Table with Self-Leveling Feature for Yacht Applications

Does your mother love carbon fiber, aniline leather, CNC-machined aluminum frames and hustling suckers at 14.1 rack? If so, why not treat her to the best on the upcoming holiday?

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The Bugatti Pool Table, an officially-licensed product, comes with the company’s badge and signature levels of restraint. The frame supports 30 millimeters’ worth of Italian slate, stainless steel pockets lined with leather, titanium fasteners and tasteful amounts of carbon fiber slathered everywhere.

When it comes time to rack ’em, she won’t have to line things up with some lame white dot applied to the felt. Instead she can enjoy “Cree high power 30w leds in the slate marks, refrigerated with cooling fans on aluminium radiators.”

She’ll appreciate that the bottom of the carbon-fiber cues feature the “same design shape as the buttons of the Bugatti cars.”

Best of all, you can spec it out with an automatic servo-driven leveling system, allowing her to run the table even in high seas:

“This feature will allow, using a gyroscopic sensor, to level the table perfectly, in case of installation onboard a yacht. Each leg will move the needed distance to compensate the movement of the ship, and the table will remain perfectly leveled. Siemens servodrivers installed in each leg will allow a just 5 miliseconds response to any boat movement, in total silence, and in complete vibration-free movement.”

Surprisingly, Bugatti has decided to limit the production of these to just 30. The price of purchase might seem high at $250,000 to $300,000–but it comes with free shipping.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Source: core77

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