The Perfection of Eggs as Packaging

Because we have free-range chickens, we often find eggs laid in random places around the farm. Every day is like Easter here.

These become breakfast, courtesy of the missus.

When a chicken’s diet consists primarily of bugs and grass (supplemented by feed in the colder months), the yolks are extremely orange-ish and delicious.

It’s hard to tell from the photos above, where eggs match. For contrast, below is a photo of a store-bought egg alongside an egg from our farm. I believe you can easily tell the difference.

In any case, eggs are really an incredible form of package design. 

That they just occur naturally is staggering. As evidence of the perfection of their structure, check out this egg my wife showed to me this morning.

It had frozen in the cold, and cracked. Look at how the crack runs perfectly straight, right down the axis of the egg.

Biodegradable to boot. I’d like to see a package designer top that.

Source: core77

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