The Pink Coffin Pool Floatie 2018 Deserves 

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Designers Andrew Greenbaum and Ian Felton of Pom Pom just served 2018 exactly what it deserves—a pink inflatable coffin. We caught wind of the satirical twist on the designer pool floatie trend yesterday morning, and put it to the Instagram poll test, which revealed many people are interested in the product.

Well, good news: the pink coffin is now on Kickstarter

It ain’t cheap at $120 a pop, but rest assured, your crippling social anxiety and sunscreen reliant skin will thank you. The materials used for the float are broad spectrum UV proof—practical for both myself and my fellow redheads. 

If you’re concerned this is a campaign that won’t deliver, don’t be. Greenbaum and Felton reassure that, “At the end of the day…it’s an inflatable pink coffin. You can trust us.”

Greenbaum and Felton are SCAD grads that began working together on side projects during their time in school. After graduation, Greenbaum worked as a custom lighting designer and office space interiors designer, and Felton worked as a high end custom furniture designer for private residential projects. 

Both designers still work on their own separate projects, but they’re excited to collaborate once again with Pom Pom. “We really just wanted an outlet,” says Felton. “An outlet for weird ideas—satire, comedy, and strangeness. We also wanted to design objects that could ultimately fall between the lines of commercial object and art—taken with a huge grain of Himalayan salt. We’ve got a lot more ideas for Pom Pom, so this is definitely not a one trick Pony.”

So, there it is. Expect more from these guys in the future, but for now RIP in your pink inflatable coffins.

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