The Plan for a Nuclear Explosion in England

After World War II gave us the first nuclear detonation, the world had only two nuclear powers, the US and the Soviet Union. As time passed, scientists began to think about using nuclear technology for things other than war, constructive odeas such as digging canals. Oh yeah, what could possibly go wrong? But that is hindsight talking. In 1969, engineers in Britain came up with a plan to conduct an underground nuclear explosion in a national park in Yorkshire. The purpose was to create a large hole for a gas storage tank in a very short time.

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As Americans, we are used to such stories, but Tom Scott found out about this forgotten plan, and was horrified. In the years since 1969, we figured out what an insane idea it was to use nuclear bombs for digging holes. Take a video trip with Tom to the site where this could have happened- but didn’t.

Source: neatorama

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