The Pop-Tart and Liquor Pairing Guide

You are serving guests at your black tie-only cocktail party Pop-Tarts, of course, because you are cultured and refined. But which liquors should you offer? That’s a complex question, as it is best for you to serve particular liquors with particular Pop-Tart flavors. You can’t just mix them up, you philistine. I mean, what would people say about you if you drank Lagavulin with a box of Jolly Rancher Green Cherry Pop-Parts?

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Imgur member acetech09 has you covered with his pairing guide. For example, you need a gentle brandy that goes well with the lively chocolate chip Pop-Tart:

The chocolate chip pop tart is unique, it’s not overwhelmingly sweet or bursting with artificial flavor. It’s toasty, bready, with a background of chocolate and caramel. It won’t mask the flavor of a delicate spirit. St George apple brandy is smooth and light, and the light floral apple and cinnamon notes pair well with the chocolate and caramel of the pastry.

-via Nag on the Lake

Source: neatorama

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