The Power of a Smile

Borzah Yankey has a TikTok channel dedicated to making people smile. Yankey has been told he has an infectious smile ever since he was a kid. The Winnipeg, Manitoba, resident started posting smile videos on TikTok to give people something to smile about during the pandemic. He’s been quite successful at that. Not only does he have a nice smile, he’s got a mouth full of bright white teeth that you can’t miss. The effect of his videos, particularly on babies, has sparked a TikTok challenge called “try not to smile.” It’s pretty near impossible. But it’s spawned a huge number of reaction videos, particularly from parents of babies, who use Yankey’s face to brighten their children’s moods.

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Watching these kids catch a smile will make you smile, too. Someone mentioned that the five seconds of black screen at the end was so that people can see their own faces reflected in their phone screen… smiling. -via reddit

Source: neatorama

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